Sinus Tarsi Syndrome Outside Ankle Pain

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome / Outside ankle pain

Sinus tarsi syndrome usually presents as pain over the lateral (outside) of the ankle, just in front of and below the lateral malleolus (ankle). Generally, the pain is worse when running or walking on sloping ground or uneven surfaces. Sinus tarsi syndrome pain is usually worse in the mornings and gets slightly better with activity.

Where is the sinus tarsi?

The sinus tarsi is a small tunnel formed out of the sulcus tali on the inferior (bottom) surface of the talus, and the sulcus calanei on the superior (top) surface of the calcaneus. In the tunnel there are nerves, fatty tissue and ligaments that are all prone to injury.

What causes sinus tarsi syndrome?

Generally, repetitive overuse of the sinus tarsi from over pronation or an inversion ankle sprain are the two most likely causes of pain in this area. Both of the above cause traumatic injury and irritation to the tissues that are located in the sinus tarsi.


Treatment of sinus tarsi syndrome mainly consists of rest in order to allow the body to heal itself. innersoles (such as Docpods ultra soft) will support the foot and correct over pronation. This relieves the pressure in the sinus tarsi, allowing it to heal. Anti-inflammatory medications will also be helpful. Occasionally, a cortisone injection directly into the sinus tarsi may also be necessary for full pain reduction.