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Ultimate Guide to Help Foot Related Pain

Foot pain is one of the most common afflictions that affect people worldwide. Recent studies suggest that as many as 3 out of 4 people have suffered some form of foot pain over their lifetime. Pain is usually an indicator that something is wrong and needs attention, a sort of message from the body to change something. Click the links below to find our detailed foot pain articles, stretches and best orthotic insoles & footwear to help with your foot related pain.

Tinea and Athletes Foot
Over Pronation and Pronation
Lower Back Pain and the Foot
Shin Pain and Shin Splints
Blisters Causes and Treatment
Dry Skin and Cracked Heels
Fungal Nails and Onychomycosis
Iliotibial band pain / Lateral (outside) knee pain
Calcaneal Bursitis / Heel Bursitis
Bruised Heels / Fat Pad Contusions
Calcaneal Stress Fractures / Heel Stress Fractures
Severs Disease – heel pain and growing pains in children
Osgood Schlatters Disease – Knee pain in children
Children’s Pains (Severs Disease / Osgoodschlatters Syndrome)
Foot Pain
Sinus Tarsi Syndrome/ Outside Ankle Pain
Verruca and Warts
Achilles Bursitis
Ankle Sprains
Smelly Sweaty Feet
Compartment syndrome in the lower leg
Calf Muscle Cramps
Cuboid Syndrome
Freibergs Disease
Metatarsal Fractures and Metatarsal Stress Fractures
Peroneal Tendinopathy and Tendonitis
Turf Toe
Athletes Foot
Extensor Tendonopathy / Tendinopathy
Gout and the foot
Hammer Toes
Inflammed flexor tendons of the toes
Lateral ankle ligament sprains (inversion ankle sprains)
Mid tarsal joint sprain
Peroneal tendon subluxation
Plantar fascia nodule
In Toeing
Kohler’s Disease
Limb Length Discrepancy (Different Length Legs)
Lisfranc’s Fracture Dislocation
Mallet Toes
Navicular Stress Fractures
Overlapping Toes
Posterior Impingement Syndrome
Retrocalcaneal Exostosis
Stress Fractures of the Foot
Subungual Exostosis
Talar Dome Fractures
Tarsal Coalition
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Tyoloma’s and Pinch Callous
How To Diagnose and Treat Discoloured Thick and Fungal Nails
How to cut your toe nails
Plantar Fat Pad Atrophy – Ball of Foot Pain
Skin Fungal Infections and Treatment
Achilles Tendon Rupture
Anterior Compartment Syndrome
Calf muscles strains
Contusions and Bruises
Heel Spurs – bony heel spurs and treatment options
Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis
Lateral Compartment Syndrome
Medial Calcaneal Nerve Entrapment
Pes Cavus – High arched feet
Pes Planus – Flat feet
Posterior Compartment Syndrome
Stress Fractures of Talus
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury
Articular Cartilage Damage
Bakers Cyst (Popliteal cyst)
Inflammation of Hamstrings Tendon
Inflammation of Qaudriceps tendon
Jumpers knee Patellar tendon inflammation and rupture
Lateral Cartilage Meniscus Abnormality
Lateral Knee Ligament Sprain
Lateral Meniscus Tear
Medial Ligament Sprain
Medial Meniscus Injury
Osteoarthritis of the knee
Osteochondritis Dissecans
Patella and Synovial Plica
Patellofemoral Instability

Anatomy Of The Foot
Plantar Fascia Anatomy
Calf Muscle Anatomy
Soleus Anatomy
Calcaneus Anatomy
Cuboid Anatomy
Metatarsal Anatomy
Navicular Anatomy
Peroneal Muscle Anatomy
Phelanges Anatomy
Seasmoid Bones Anatomy
Tibialis Anterior Anatomy
Tibia Anatomy
Tibialis Posterior Anatomy
Flexor Hallucis Longus Muscle Anatomy
Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle Anatomy
Extensor Hallucis Longus Muscle Anatomy
Flexor Digitorum Longus Muscle Anatomy

Instride Shoes Dva Medical Grade Footwear
Calf Stretching Routine – How To Increase Calf Flexibility
Calf Stretch Step
Calf Stretch Floor
Soleus Calf Plantar Fascia Stretch
Achilles Soleus Stretch
Soleus Achilles Tendon Stretch
Plantar Fascia Stretch
Top Of Foot Stretch
Sitting Side Bend Stretch
Roll Up Back Stretches
Cat Arch Back Stretch
Gluteal Buttock Stretch Sitting
Gluteal Buttock Side Stretch
Lumbar Extension Stretch
Lumbar Spine Rocking Stretches
Lateral Hip Stretch
Deep Gluteal Buttock Stretch
Hip And Thigh Stretch
Gluteal Buttock Stretch Back
Gluteal Buttock Stretch Lying
Groin Stretch Sitting
Groin Stretch
Quadriceps Kneeling
Quadriceps Stretch Side Lying
Quadriceps Stretch Standing
Hamstring Stretch Standing
Hamstring Stretch Sitting
Lieing Hamstring Stretch
Illiotibial Band Wall Stretch

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The Best Arch Support Thongs
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Anti Inflammatory Medications
General Foot Health Tips
Good Things To Look For In A Shoe
Orthotics for Removalists
The Evolution Of Walking
How To Wear In Innersoles
The Benefits Of Stretching
Running Shoe Technology
The Windlass Mechanism In The Foot And Foot Pain
How To Tie Your Shoe Laces – Learn To Tie Your Shoes
How To Choose A Basketball Shoe
How To Choose A Netball Shoe
How To Choose A Running Shoe
How To Choose A Squash Shoe
How To Choose A Tennis Shoe
How To Choose A Work Boot
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How To Choose Hiking Boots
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