How to Choose Rugby Boots

How to choose rugby boots

Rugby boots come in a number of shapes, designs and materials. Ease of motion, stability and protection should always be your priority.

The selection of rugby boots depends on:

  • Your position
  • The way you run
  • The shape of your feet

If you are a “forward”, you get greater thrust on the lower body and therefore, need extra support for the ankle joint. For this purpose, choose high-cut designs that protect your ankles, while low-cut designs work best for “backs” as they provide better mobility. For better kicking, choose a well-fitting shoe, but not too tight, as feet swell during exercise. Moreover, if your feet are still growing, it is advisable to have a little extra space.

Rugby boots, high & low cut designs

Players usually prefer adjustable studs; these can be elongated for better grip on a muddy, slippery ground, and can be screwed in for a shorter length while playing on a dry field. Being in a full contact sport, always consider your and other players’ safety when considering a certain stud design.

Screw in, adjustable studs

As far as materials are concerned, leather moulds well to your feet, while synthetic is light and cheap. Always select a comfortable fit and a shoe that supports your foot well. A low or high foot arch may alter lower limb biomechanics and affect your performance. To overcome such problems, we at Docpods have designed special orthotic insoles to support your feet and reduce the risk of injury.