How to Choose a Work Boot

How to choose a work boot

Work boot selection depends greatly on the nature of your job; whether you work indoors or outdoors and how much time you spend on your feet.

Safety is important for outdoor jobs. Look for design features specific for your job conditions such as reinforced toes, soles that are puncture resistant, anti-slip or protective against electrical hazards.

If you are working in a moist environment, you should choose a waterproof material. Full grain leather has good moisture resistance. On the other hand, boots constructed with nylon or other materials are often equipped with waterproof and breathable liners, such as Gore-Tex, that work very well to keep moisture out and at the same time allow sweat to escape, preventing sweaty, smelly feet.

For construction and other field workers, a longer-lasting boot would be preferable. Full grain leather is known for its durability, though it is heavy and takes some time to mould around your feet. Another important feature where durability is concerned, is the way the upper part of the shoe is attached to the sole. Stitched or moulded construction provides more secure bonding compared with glued ones.

Comfort takes priority when you have to spend most of your working hours standing on your feet or rushing from one place to other. A well supporting shock-absorbent sole is all you need to prevent foot pain and callus formation.

At Docpods, we have a wide selection of soft orthotic insoles to add extra cushioning to your work boots to help you stay comfortable and less fatigued at the end of the day.