Groin Stretch Sitting

Sitting Groin Stretch

What muscles does the sitting groin stretch target?

Short Hip Adductors

How to perform stretch:

Position yourself sitting on the floor as in the diagram

Place the bottoms of both of your feet together with knees bent

Sit up straight, lean forward while pushing knees to the floor


Gracilis, Adductor Longus, Magnus, Brevis and Pectineus are the main hip adductor muscles. The short ones include upper portion of Magnus, Brevis and Pectineus. These muscles pull the thigh inwards and bend the hip as well. A part of Magnus stretches the hip instead of bending.

Hip abductor muscle group consists of Gluteus Medius and Minimus and upper fibers of Gluteus Maximus muscle. These muscles along with Medius anterior fibers are also involved in flexion and inward rotation of the hip.The posterior fibers of Medius, on the other hand, cause extension and outward rotation of the hip. Medius is the major muscle providing sideways support to the hip in standing position.


The hip adductor muscle group plays an important role in turning and twisting movements such as during weaving and sudden changing of direction. These muscles need to be well stretched for better jumping, bouncing and kicking, the actions needed during different sports especially football, rugby, soccer, martial arts, aerobics and the like.

In people having low physical activity level, these muscles are quite taught, more so in those who cross their legs more often. General stress or tension as well as lower back problems also increase stiffness of these muscles.

This exercise helps greatly by improving the posture for daily normal activities. First, it bends the pelvis forwards, thereby reviving the normal curvature of the lumbar spine. Secondly, balancing the body on the bolster works on equilibrium and muscle coordination that are vital for retaining a good posture.

Regular Range of Movement:

The hip is abducted and externally rotated as well as flexed at the same time. A flexed hip usually rotates outwards to about 45 to 60 degrees. The range of hip abduction is about 40-55 degrees.

For those having better flexibility it is also possible to touch the floor with their knees, even without using a bolster.