Gluteal Buttock Stretch Sitting

Gluteal Buttock Sitting Stretch

What muscles does the gluteal buttock sitting stretch target?


Lower Back Joints

How to perform stretch:

Sit on floor as per image

Twist shoulders to look backwards

Apply pressure to knee with elbow


Gluteus Maximus is the major extensor muscle of the hip. Gluteus Medius is the main muscle providing lateral support to the hip while standing. Gluteus Medius and Minimus abduct the hip and along with Anterior Medius fibers carry out flexion and internal rotation at hip joint. The actions of Posterior Medius fibers include extension and external rotation of the hip.

Serratus Posterior pulls the outer angles of the ribs towards the vertebral column. When acting unilaterally it bends the trunk on the same side, where as its bilateral action leads to extension of the trunk.

Erector spinae muscles are responsible for extension of the trunk. This muscle group includes Iliocostalis Lumborum, Longissimus Thoracis and Spinalis.

The small intersegmental muscles Multifidus and Rotatores lay deep with their fibers running in oblique direction. Their bilateral contraction leads to extension of spine, while unilateral action turns the spine to the opposite side. These are not very strong muscles and mainly serve to support the respective spinal segment.


This exercise helps in stretching and twisting most of the muscles and joints in the trunk. Rotating the trunk helps a lot in relieving muscle stiffness and improving the flexibility of spine. The usually stiff pelvic (sacro-iliac) joints are also extended.

This is a great exercise to help with activities and sports involving turning and twisting movements such as kicking, jumping, swimming, and weaving, also walking and running.

Regular Range of Motion:

Keeping the other arm on the floor knees can be brought closer to the floor.

It involves rotating the entire trunk along with moving the hip towards the midline.

The total extent to which Lumbar spine can rotate is 45 degrees to each side. The hip can be pulled inward to about 20-45 degrees maximum.