General Foot Health Tips

General foot health tips

The exact source of the infection is difficult/ impossible to determine as most of the fungal conditions have an unremarkable onset and are usually only noticed after a considerable time period has passed.

Special attention must be given to those suffering from Diabetes or are neurological or vascular impairment.

  • Feet are not supposed to hurt. If you feel pain in your feet get itchecked by your Podiatrist.
  • Examine your feet daily for signs of irritation discoloration orchange.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry paying particular attention to the webspaces – the web spaces can trap moisture and can be a reservoir for fungalinfections.
  • Keep your toe nails short and clean – a majority of foot conditionsare caused by the toenails.
  • Wear good quality well fitted footwear that match your activity andfoot type – if you have a curved foot get a curved shoe.
  • Alternate between at least 2 pairs of shoes – this will allow themto dry and are less likely to cause foot problems.
  • When going outside wear shoes at all times – this will give youfeet the necessary support and also offer them protection.
  • Use and emollient (moisturizer) daily to help to keep your feetsupple – the most effective emollient are ones that contain 10 – 25% urea.
  • Visit your podiatrist regularly to have your feet checked.