Deep Gluteal Buttock Stretch

Deep Gluteal Buttock Stretch

What muscles does the deep gluteal buttock stretch target?


Deep Hip

How to perform stretch:

Lay on stomach, one leg straight and one bent and crossed over as per image

Bend forward and touch hands on ground

Bend chest further forward to add intensity to stretch


This exercise acts on the extensor muscles of the hip along with those that rotate it internally.

Gluteal muscle group has diverse actions. Gluteus Maximus is a major extensor of hip joint. Gluteus Medius and Minimus are involved with abduction. Minimus along with Medius anterior fibers, carry out flexion and inside rotation at the hip. Medius posterior fibers, on the other hand cause extension and outward rotation of the hip.

There are four muscles comprising the Hamstring group, including Biceps Femoris-both Long head and Short head, Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus. All these muscles cross both hip and knee joint except for the Short head of Biceps Femoris that crosses only the knee joint. Hamstrings action leads to hip extension and knee flexion.

Among the small deep lying external rotators of the hip, Piriformis is the only muscle that also extends the joint and for this reason, the exercise helps in stretching this muscle as well.

Other deep external rotators of the hip are also assumed to be affected by the stretch during hip flexion.


The stretch is useful for conditioning hip and thigh muscles as it lengthens the Gluteal muscles, the upper part of Hamstrings as well as the backside of the hip joint capsule.

This preconditioning helps in consequent stretching of the entire Hamstrings.

It is a great exercise to relieve tension in the back, a usual complaint associated with lower back problems, and to enhance the flexibility of the hip joint. Makes it easy to bend, climb or kick.

Regular Range of Movement:

With the knee turning out, the lower part of the leg is brought near the chest.

This action both flexes and externally rotates the hip. With the knee flexed, hip can flex to a maximum of 120-135 degrees. The maximum range to which a flexed hip can rotate externally is normally between 45-60 degrees.