Cuboid Anatomy

Anatomy of the Cuboid

The Cuboid is a cube-shaped bone present on the outer side of the tarsus of the foot. The Tarsus of the foot refers to the collection of seven small bones present where the foot joins with the lower leg. These tarsal bones form the ankle joint with the bones of the lower leg i.e. tibia and fibula.


On the front side, the cuboid joins with the fourth and fifth metatarsals (metatarsals are five long bones, present in front of the tarsal bones and each is numbered according to the toe it joins on the front).

At the backside, it forms calcaneocuboid joint with the heel bone (calcaneus) of the foot.

The inner surface joins with other two other tarsal bones (lateral cuneiform and navicular bones).


This bone plays an important role in stabilizing the lateral side of the foot during walking.


Any foot trauma or heavy physical activity may lead to either;

Dislocation or downward displacement of the cuboid bone (Cuboid Syndrome): It represents as a dull pain in the middle of the outer (lateral) side of the foot. This pain persists on rest and it becomes difficult to put pressure on the foot.

Fracture of cuboid bone: Not easy to diagnose with an x-ray, rather an MRI is required. Treated with cast application, rest and supporting the foot until the fracture heals.