What is Flat Foot and How Do You Fix Flat Foot?

What is Flat Foot and How Do You Fix Flat Foot?

Flat feet encompass a range of common conditions that we address almost daily here at the clinic. Due to flat feet and other related conditions, patients can experience pain and aches in areas including their calves and knees and extend up to the lower back.

What is a flat foot?

Having a flat foot implies that the arch on the inside of your foot responds abnormally when engaged in physical activity. The most common flat foot type is a “flexible flat foot.” The arch of a patient with this condition will flatten and collapse when the individual is standing or placing downward pressure on their foot.

How flat feet are treated in the clinic

We attend to flat feet in the clinic by identifying methods to support the arch better, thereby preventing it from falling in too much. This can be clearly elucidated if one observes a flat foot from a posterior angle. When the arch collapses, the foot rolls inwards, generating a large amount of strain on the medial border of the foot, the inside of the ankle, the knee, hips, and back.

An orthotic insole can be an extremely useful tool to help keep the foot aligned and supported. These are inserts that are prescribed and tailored to every patient’s specific needs. Depending on how severe your condition is and how your foot is shaped, they can be custom-made or off the shelf.

To start, a healthcare professional will thoroughly assess your flat feet to determine an appropriate diagnosis. They will record relevant measurements and inquire about your everyday practices and lifestyle habits to determine how active you are and the kinds of activities you routinely participate in.

Next, a scan of your feet is taken, which accurately represents your foot and its distinct features, including its curvature, size, and weight distribution. This will help guide the creation of your orthotics. Ultimately, these insoles help patients with flat feet stay active and move for long durations before discomfort in the lower extremities sets in. They can significantly improve one’s quality of life and enable one to continue doing the things one loves.

If you have any questions about flat feet or how they are treated, please comment below. We are always happy to help!

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