Docpods is a Brisbane based business that started over 15 years ago and has since sold Millions of products all around the world, and is stocked in over 300 outlets across Australia.

At Docpods we specialize in making soft antibacterial orthotic innersoles. These innersoles when applied with the extensive biomechanical (body mechanics) knowledge of the Docpods developers help to control foot motion and limit lower limb pain. 

The aim of Docpods is to relieve lower limb aches and pains that so many people needlessly suffer from day to day. 
This can best be achieved by using the help of the sales networks of some of the leading footwear and pharmaceutical retailers. It is with the help of these stores that Docpods were developed and tested to provide optimum fit and comfort.
Docpods also are the creators of the “Ergonx” brand that is our premium innersole range that is exclusively sold in The Athletes Foot within Australia and also available here online.
Docpods also holds the license to sell the popular Instride Footwear brand which is highly recommended by Podiatrists due to the quality of technology used to ensure correct foot position and low stress on feet (especially Diabetic feet).
With so many happy customers, we guarantee that you’ll love your products purchased from Docpods or you can return them within 30 days for your money back.




1. Measure your existing shoe insole:
 1. Measure from your heel to ball of foot:

2. Then compare your measurements from above to match the product size charts below:
(you can trim to fit the insoles by approximately 1cm)

Docpods Regular Size Guide – for Slimline, 3 Quarter, Sports

Size  cm cm cm
Small  4-7  4-8  3-6.5  4-7.5  35-40 16  16.3  25.8
Medium  7-9   8-10  6-9  7-10  39-43  17.4 17.2  27.4
Large   9-13  10-14  8-12  9-13  42-47 19.3   18.2 29.4


Docpods Ultra Size Guide – for Ultra Soft
EURO  34  35.5-37.5  38-40  40.5-42  42.5-44  44.5-46.5
UK  2.5  3-4.5  5-6.5  7-8  8.5-9.5  10-12
US MENS  4-5  5.5-6  6.5-7.5  8-9  9.5-10.5  11-13.5
US WOMENS  3.5-5  5.5-7  7.5-9  9.5-10.5  11-12  13-14
LENGTH (cm) 23.2cm 24.9cm 26.2cm 28.8cm 30cm  31.2cm


Docpods Kids Size Guide – for Docpods Kids Fit only
XXS 12-1  19.5cm 13cm 
XS 2-3 22.4cm  15.3cm 

Docpods Foot Pillow – Trim to Fit

  S L
US MENS  4.5 – 9  9 – 13
US WOMENS  6 – 10  10 – 14
LENGTH (cm) 26.5cm 29.2cm

Docpods (Pain) Free* Shipping
We offer delivery world wide!

Docpods Delivery within Australia & New Zealand:

Delivery within Australia is $6.95 for orders under $50.
– Delivery to New Zealand is a flat fee of $15.00.
– Delivery is FREE within Australia for orders over $50.
– Allow for 7 – 10 working days delivery time.
– Docpods uses Australia post for delivery within Australia.
– Postage on returns is the responsibility of the customer

Docpods Delivery within U.S.A (L.A. Warehouse now open):

– Delivery within U.S.A. is $17.55 
– Delivery is FREE for all amazon orders
– Allow for 7 – 10 working days delivery time.
– Postage cost on returns is the responsibility of the customer

For all international orders (Outside the U.S.A and Australia):

Docpods caters for world wide delivery using Australia Post international services.
– Shipping charges are calculated at the time of online purchase based on Australia Post current pricing.
– International shipping charges will be shown during the checkout process.
– All import duties and charges are responsibility of the customer.

– Please note that delivery to the UK and Great Britain is currently not available.
– Allow for 21 days delivery time (this is usually much less).
– Postage on returns is the responsibility of the customer

Docpods Guarantee Comfort:

– Docpods offers a 30 day comfort money back guarantee
– Docpods will refund the Docpods purchase price (does not include delivery charge) if the product is returned to the place of purchase within 30 days.

The Docpods returns address is:

Please contact us  before all returns.

Remember to  attach a note outlining the reason for your return and the order number.

Please note that we may ask you for further feedback on your return to help improve our product & services.


Why Buy From Docpods?

You have found the products you need for your foot pain but still unsure if you should buy them online.

Here are some great reasons to buy online from docpods.com.

Pain Relief – are you tired of having painful feet? People who use docpods receive instant relief from their foot pain, and the results improve over time. The longer you wear your docpods the greater the relief.

30 Day Risk free (money back guarantee) – we have so much confidence in our innersoles that if your foot and lower limb pain does not reduce or you do not feel increased comfort with the use of our orthotics we will refund your money in full.

Free Shipping – we offer free shipping anywhere in Australia and International for orders over $50. Australian orders under $50 are $6.95 delivery and International orders have their postage calculated depending on the location. Postage discounts apply for multiple overseas orders.

Easy Ordering – simple 3 step ordering so you can get to the checkout with less confusion.

Payment Options – major credit cards, Paypal, money orders, and Australian personal checks are accepted for payment at the docpods webstore.

Reputable – docpods are sold in over 300 retail outlets across Australia and has been selling on the web since 2005.

Quality – docpods orthotics are constructed from the highest quality materials and antibacterial treated to limit foot odour and bacterial growth.

Increased comfort – even if your feet and lower limbs are pain free, the docpods orthotic arch support will increase the comfort of your day to day shoes.

We ship all over the world – we ship to most countries around the world.

Safe – we utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. SSL protects customer information such as credit card numbers, names, and addresses during the exchange between your computer and our server.

Fast Delivery and Service – all orders ship the next business day from when they are placed and usually arrive at their destination 3-4 working days after the order. For international orders delivery time will depend on your location.

Privacy – we respect your privacy. We do not sell our customer information to any other company. We do not send out junk mails or email spams to our customers. See our privacy policy.


Docpods® can be purchased from a variety of leading footwear retailer’s across Australia. Docpods® have been specifically designed with the help of these stores to meet the needs of the shoes sold in these outlets.

You can find Docpods® Orthotic Innersoles on sale within Australia at;
(please call ahead to your nearest stores to ensure they stock the size / Docpods product you are after before visiting to avoid disappointment)

Docpods Online Store
Williams The Shoemen (click here to find a store)
Mathers (click here to find a store)
The Athletes Foot
Outlets Where Slatters Shoes Are Sold


What are Docpods® orthotic innersoles made from?

Docpods® orthotic innersoles are made form high quality antibacterial treated ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). EVA is firm enough to offer support and flexible enough to be comfortable.

Who needs Docpods® orthotic innersoles?

Anyone who suffers from foot pains as listed in our foot pain index should try a pair of Docpods® orthotic innersoles. Docpods® innersoles also improve the comfort of pain free feet.

How long do Docpods® orthotic innersoles last?

Docpods® orthotic innersoles have been engineered to last for approximately 12 months. At this point the materials of the orthotic begins to loose their supportive properties and the innersoles lose their effectiveness.

How should I care for my Docpods® innersoles?

You can wash you Docpods® innersoles by hand with warm soapy water. Do not put then in the washing machine or the clothes dryer.

Do Docpods® orthotic innersoles cause foot irritation?

Docpods® orthotic innersoles flexible enough to cause very minimal foot irritation. If some arch irritation does occur wear the innersoles in like you would a new pair of shoes, a few hours per day and increase this over 7-10 days.

What shoes can Docpods® orthotic innersoles fit into?

This depends on the style of Docpods® orthotic innersole you have chosen.Generally the slimline innersole is ideal for ladies fashion shoes and almost all shoes. The 3 quarter innersole is great for sports shoes and work shoes while the Docpods® sports is perfect for roomy shoes.

How often should wear my Docpods® orthotic innersoles?

Docpods® orthotic innersoles are like prescription glasses. When you are not wearing them they are not working. The more you wear your Docpods® orthotic innersoles the more benefits you will gain from them and the less foot pain you will feel.

When should I seek professional help?

The most common cause of foot pain comes from a mechanical cause, however sometimes foot pain can be caused by blood flow problems, viral illness and malignancy. If you symptoms do not reduce with the use of Docpods® orthotic innersoles after more than 6 weeks we strongly recommend contacting your local podiatrist or general medical practitioner.

How can Docpods® orthotic innersole help both high and low arched feet?

Mechanical foot pain is generally caused by either rolling in too much (most common) or not rolling in enough. Rolling in too much (over pronation) causes muscles and joints to become overworked as a rolled in position is a very inefficient position for the foot to function in. However some amount of rolling in is necessary to cushion the impact of walking. Not rolling in enough can cause an increase in forces to be transferred through the foot, knee, hip and lower back.Docpods® orthotic innersoles help to both control rolling in through arch support and also cushion the impact of walking through their soft construction and added heel cushioning. This makes docpods® orthotic innersoles perfect for both high and low arches.

Wearing in your Orthotics

Now it’s time to take the next step and get them under your feet.

If you haven’t worn orthotics before, you might want to ease into them.

Orthotics change the way your foot functions and therefore will require a wearing-in period.

Begin by wearing your orthotics for 1-2 hours on the first day.

Orthotics should initially be worn 1-2 hours per day

Increase the time by 1-2 hours every day until they can be worn all day.

Occasionally, there may be some discomfort in the legs or back during the adjustment period. This is due to the newly aligned position of your body, and your muscles will take some time to get used to it. If this occurs, cut back the adjustment time by 30 minutes each day.

Only progress through the wearing-in procedure to your tolerance (don’t overdo it).

After about a week you’ll be ready to keep them on your feet all day every day!

When fitting either Ultra, Ultra Soft or Sports Docpods Orthotics, please ensure you remove all existing innersoles from your shoes where possible.

To make sure you are getting the ultimate comfort, ensure that the arch support of the Docpods Orthotic innersoles finishes just after the ball of your foot.

Correct placement of the support arch for the Docpod Orthotic innersoles 

Yes – Docpods offers easy on account ordering options, bulk ordering discounts, multiple distribution point options (from one account), franchisee ordering within specific guidelines and more.

Please contact us if further questions about ordering Docpods on bulk / repeat basis.