About Docpods

Company Information

We are happy to announce that Docpods is now located in Los Angeles and also Brisbane.  At Docpods we specialize in making soft antibacterial orthotic innersoles. These innersoles when applied with the extensive biomechanical (body mechanics) knowledge of the Docpods developers help to control foot motion and limit lower limb pain. 
The aim of Docpods is to relieve lower limb aches and pains that so many people needlessly suffer from day to day. 
This can best be achieved by using the help of the sales networks of some of the leading footwear and pharmaceutical retailers. It is with the help of these stores that Docpods were developed and tested to provide optimum fit and comfort.
Docpods have now been sold to over 400,000 customers across Australia, New Zealand, USA and United Kingdom and Scandinavia. Docpods also are the creators of the “Ergonx” brand that is our premium innersole range that is exclusively sold in The Athletes Foot within Australia.
With so many happy customers, we guarantee that you’ll love your Docpods or you can return them within 30 days for your money back.